2004-2008 Rx-8 Racingbeat olievuldop

RX8 RX 8 renesis 2004 2008 13B racingbeat oil filler cap rotor 01

RX8 RX 8 renesis 2004 2008 13B racingbeat oil filler cap rotorRotor Oil Filler Cap

Fits All Rx-8 Engines except :2004-08 Auto-transmission RX-8

Yes, we know that there are many "rotor shaped" oil caps available on the market, but none like the Racing Beat inspired cap! Designed to the exact specifications of a full-sized rotor by Racing Beat’s co-founder and chief engineer Jim Mederer, this oil cap offers features not found on other units.

One of the irritating things that we disliked about many of the simple screw-on caps on the market was the lack of any type of positioning adjustment once the cap was tightened onto the filler neck. After the cap was fully tightened, like it or not, you were basically stuck with that specific orientation of the cap!

The exclusive Racing Beat design allows you to rotate the cap and logo to ANY position once the cap is secured onto the filler neck. Here’s how it works.

The Racing Beat cap consists of three parts: the threaded base, logo plate, and the rotor. First, simply thread and tighten the base onto the filler next. Next, place the logo on top of the base, and then place the rotor over this assembly. Now, rotate the logo and rotor to YOUR desired position and using the supplied hex wrench, tighten the recessed retaining screws.

Each cap is CNC-machined from billet aluminum, then polished to a brilliant luster. The design incorporates correctly scaled apex, corner and side seal grooves for the ultimate appearance item for your engine compartment. Comes complete with fully detailed installation instructions and a hex wrench.

Fits all in the engine compartment of all rotary engines, except the 1993-95 RX-7 due to space limitations.

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